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Laminate & Melamine Doors & Panels

The following information should help in assisting you to maintain the
surface of your Laminate doors & panels with the minimum of time and effort.

Laminates are not scratch-proof but rather, scratch resistant. Thus it is possible to permanently scratch or mark the laminate surface, particularly with a sharp implement.

Household cleaners can be classified into 3 types

1. Liquids – non abrasive or caustic
2. Creams (eg. Jif, Ajax Cream Cleanser, etc)
3. Powders and Pastes (Ajax, Bon Ami, Gumption etc)

Abrasive creams, powders and pastes will permanently alter the appearance of a laminate surface with continual use.

We recommend the use of liquid cleaners for general day-to-day use.
Whenever stubborn spots occur which cannot be removed with a liquid cleaner, then the careful use of a cream cleanser for these spots should be used.

For finishing we recommend Windex because it does not leave streak marks on the laminate surface after cleaning.


Do wipe off all food and drink spills immediately

Do use warm soapy water for general cleaning

Do use Mr Muscle Foaming Cleanser, Nifty liquid cleaner, Flash Liquid
or Dissol for stubborn stains.

Do Not ever use abrasive cleaners or powders

Warning: When cleaning, be careful not to rub excessively. This may cause a shine on the area.

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