Kitchen splashbacks are traditionally tiled. Today there are more choices such as Glass, Metaline, Stainless Steel or Stone to use for your kitchen splashback.

Glass Splashback

We offer coloured glass splashbacks painted in non metallic or metallic colours our standard splashbacks are 6mm Low Iron glass.

We also offer Textured or Slumped Glass – Slumped Glass is created by imparting textures and patterns into sheets of glass that result in amazing 3D design effects. This type of glass is manufactured using high temperatures in a kiln where glass is softened to allow it to melt over and into moulds. The end result leaves the glass textured on one side with the other side being smooth, glossy and undulating. Due to the hand made nature of the process slight variations in the background texture of the glass are common.

Metaline by Laminex – Splashbacks

An advanced, aluminium based splashback, this unique product is highly durable, as well as flame retardant. You can build a beautifully modern space that will impress for years to come.

When it comes to creating truly beautiful spaces, the difference is in the detail. That’s why our splashbacks are so meticulously designed. And made ready for you to create awe inspiring interiors.

Metaline Splashbacks and Panels

Please Note: We only do splashbacks with our full kitchen’s, we do not supply and install splashbacks only.