All Kitchens offer a selection of the following handles as standard in all our quotes, unless otherwise specified.   Other handle sizes and styles are available.


Please Note: Only the smallest size is offered in our standard quotes. Other sizes are priced on application.


Handle Code Sizes
lhc6221_096 LHC6221 96mm only
lhc9401_128 LHC9401 128, 160, 288mm
lhc9451_096 LHC9451 96, 128, 160, 224mm
lhc6839_096 LHC6839 96, 128, 160, 256, 320mm
lhcba_096 LHCBA 96, 128, 160, 224, 320mm
lhc6650_128 LHC6650 128mm
lhc24019_096 LHC24019 96, 128, 192mm
lhc1897_096 LHC1897 96, 128, 160, 224, 288mm
lhc6515_128 LHC6515 128mm
lhcbow_096 LHCBOW 96, 128mm
lhc338_096 LHC338 96, 128, 160mm
lhc330_096 LHC330 96, 128, 192, 320, 480mm
lhc9065_096 LHC9065 96, 128, 160, 192, 224, 320, 480mm
The following handles are in our Medium Range and are priced on application and are not included in our quotes unless specified.

Handle Code Sizes
SO3130_192MM_BLK SO3130BLK 128mm, 192mm, 256mm, 415mm
SO3130_192MM_WHT SO3130WHT 128mm, 192mm, 256mm, 415mm
Knob_8741AB SO8741 Knob
SO8658 SO8658 96mm A/B Handle
ShellSO8407 SO8407 A/B Shell Pull Handle
THC4080DrawerPull THC4080 Black Drawer Handle
THC3688Knob THC3688 Cupboard Knob Cast Iron Matt Black
TwistKnob_SO8393 SO8393 Twist Pewter T Handle
KnobSO3801 SO3801 33mm Pewter Knob
SO8392 SO8392 128mm Pewter Handle
Greht013 Greht013 96mm Oxidised Tin Cabinet Handle
Greht208Knob Greht208 31mm Oxidised Tin Knob
SO1186_96MM SO1186-96 96mm Cabinet Handle Antique Satin Silver
SO1186_160MM SO1186-160 160mm Cabinet Handle Antique Satin Silver
KnobSO1208 SO1186K Satin Silver Knob
ShellSO1208 SO1208 Satin Silver Shell Handle