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At All Kitchens we offer quality stone bench tops for your new kitchen or full kitchen renovation.

We do not supply stone only or install just bench tops.

Below you will find information and colour swatches for Caesarstone® for the most updated colours available we recommend you visit Caesarstone Website

The Caesarstone® brand is a popular choice for a range of kitchen applications including bench tops, splashbacks, feature panels and especially the Caesarstone Classico® range of colours. The large range of colours and patterns, combined with its durability and low maintenance makes Caesarstone® a good investment.

Scratch resistant, non-porous, waterproof, mould and mildew resistant, the natural beauty and functionality of Classico™ surfaces make them ideal for kitchen and bathroom applications. Classico™ surfaces never require sealing while large slab sizes provide a sleek and modern aesthetic, minimizing joins and therefore maintenance.

Classico™ quartz surfaces offer numerous advantages over other types of surface materials such as marble and granite. As one of nature’s strongest and most abundant minerals, quartz has a hardness of seven on the Mohs scale (this measures the hardness of a mineral); a diamond is the hardest at ten. Classico™ surfaces offer four times the flexural strength and double the impact resistance of granite.

Colour Ref No. Range 30mm Colour Swatch
Calacutta Nuvo 5131 Supernatural No Caesarstone_5131_Calacutta_Nuvo
Summer Rye 4460 Deluxe No Caesarstone_4460_Summer_Rye
Alpine Mist 5110 Supernatural No Caesarstone_5110_Alpine_Mist
Sleek Concrete 4003 Deluxe No Caesarstone_4003_Sleek_Concrete
Clamshell 4130 Deluxe No Caesarstone_4130_Clamshell
Bianco Drift 6131 Supernatural No Caesarstone_6131_Bianco_Drift
Vanilla Noir 5100 Supernatural No Caesarstone_5100_Vanilla_Noir
Frosty Carrina 5141 Supernatural No caesarstone_5141_Frosty_Carrina
London Grey 5000 Supernatural No caesarstone_5000_London_Grey
Dreamy Marfil 5220 Supernatural No caesarstone_5220_Dreamy_Marfil
Atlantic Salt 6270 Deluxe No caesarstone_6270_Atlantic_Salt
Wild Rocks 6250 Deluxe No caesarstone_6250_Wild_Rocks
Emperadoro 5380 Supernatural No caesarstone_5380_Emperadoro
Piatra Grey 5003 Supernatural No caesarstone_5003_Piatra_Grey
White Shimmer 3142 Standard yes 3142 White Shimmer
Creme Brule 4255 Standard no CremeBrule4255
Shitake 4230 Deluxe yes Shitake4230
Wild Rice 4360 Standard no WildRice4360
Urban 2040 Standard no 2040 Urban
Cocoa Fudge 4260 Deluxe no CocoaFudge4260
Almond Rocca 9241 Standard no 9241-almond-rocca
Buttermilk 4220 Deluxe No 4220-buttermilk
Ginger 4330 Deluxe Yes 4330-ginger-2
Ice Snow 9141 Standard Yes 9141-ice-snow
Ivory 2220 Standard Yes 2220-ivory-2
Jet Black 3100 Standard No 3100-jet-black
Latte 2350 Standard Yes 2350-latte
Linen 2230 Standard No 2230-linen
Mink 4350 Deluxe No 4350-mink
Night Sky 6100 Standard No 6100-night-sky
Nimbus 9601 Standard No 9601-nimbus
Nougat 6600 Deluxe Yes 6600-nougat
Organic White 4600 Deluxe Yes 4600-organic-white
Osprey 3141 Standard Yes 3141-osprey
Oyster 4030 Deluxe No 4030-oyster
Raven 4120 Deluxe No 4120-raven
Snow 2141 Deluxe Yes 2141-snow
Walnut 3350 Standard No 3350-walnut
Ocean Foam 6141 Standard yes OceanFoam6141
Pure White 1141 Premium No 1141-pure-white

Information and Colour Swatches Courtesy of Caesarstone®

Subject to change without notice.

Below are our standard range of edge profiles available with your new Caesarstone® Bench Top or Splashback.

10 Year Limited Warranty

Every Caesarstone® quartz surface comes with a comprehensive warranty. On receipt of your warranty registration information, you will be provided with a complimentary Caesarstone® cleaning kit and a stainless steel Caesarstone® Authenticity Badge which demonstrates the authenticity of your product.

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Please Note: We do not supply Stone Separately, we only supply stone with full kitchens.